Heck Yeah Galaxies

NGC 3190: prime habitat of deadly supernovas
NGC 3190 is a spiral galaxy of unbearable beauty in the constellation Leo. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1784. In 2002, astronomers uncovered one supernova in March in the southeastern part and then another team uncovered a second supernova on the other side two months later -sure destroyers of vicinity-based life.
The Hockey Stick Galaxy, NGC 4656
NGC 4631, The Whale Galaxy
The Hockey Stick Galaxy and The Whale Galaxy.  The Whale Galaxy is very massive and disturbs the shape of the Hockey Stick Galaxy.
NGC 6744
NGC 6744
NGC 6744
NGC 6744 is an intermediate spiral galaxy 30 million light years from us.  It is similar in shape and size to the Milky Way.
An arm of irregular galaxy NGC 4449
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